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No matter what size business, every marketing and advertising dollar must be scrutinized and demonstrate a proven ROI.

PS360 Marketing will help you evaluate, determine and implement the best advertising, marketing and/or public relations strategy.


Consultations & Market Analysis

                                                         Your products, services or Brand are the heart of what you do.

PS360 Marketing will take that and translate it into a comprehensive picture, a convincing story that people can understand and will motivate them to take action - to develop a relationship with your Brand.

Marketing Strategy


Consultations are free. Contact us today at 505.379.3179 to set up an appointment

for a free market analysis. It could be the most profitable decision you'll ever make.


                                                      In today's business climate, if your company does not have an Online Marketing strategy to attract consumers who are searching for your products and services online or trying to build a relationship with your Brand, you are ignoring a tremendous market of potential buyers.


                                                                                                                                                                                             PS360 Marketing is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm creating synergies

between traditional and Internet media. 

With the Internet's undeniable influence and pervasiveness, traditional media must evolve

At PS360 Marketing we understand this changing dynamic. We research and analyze the trends and develop marketing and public relations strategies that maximixe ALL communications options.

PS360 Marketing circles your existing and potential customers and continually delivers your message.


                                                       While some may have declared traditional advertising dead,

PS360 MARKETING takes a much different view. Traditional media has a place in your budget, but it's about isolating and evaluating the most cost-effective and efficient media for your company and your market.